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We are always happy to respond to your queries and if you have a question that is not answered below, please call us on +44 (0)20 7421 6000 or e-mail us and we will only be too happy to help.

Why register?

Registering allows you to price images, see large preview images, create lightboxes and allows us to give you the best service possible.

I’ve forgotten my password

You can request a password reminder by clicking on ‘Forgotten’, this sends you an email to the address you registered with us.

What price are your images?

The prices we charge for our images are dependent on a range of factors. These range from the size the image is to be used at, the placement of the image or the frequency with which a client will purchase images. You can use our on-line pricing tool to calculate prices or call us if you are unsure what factors determine the price we charge.

Can I negotiate prices if I use your images regularly?

We can usually set up a pricing agreement with clients who will be using us on a regular basis.  We have agreements for Press and Book Publishers. Call us to discuss.

How do you send me an image?

All our images are available for immediate download from our server. Our images are supplied as high quality jpegs with the size dependent on your specifications.

Can I search by image numbers?

Yes. Our image numbers work just as keywords. You can also use ‘wildcards’ both for image numbers and keywords. The wildcard symbol is an asterisk ‘*’; searching for A012* will return all the images with numbers beginning with A012; searching for brick* will return all images of bricks, bricklayers, bricking.

Can I search by Category/Contributor/Orientation/Create Date?

These features are all available in the ‘Advanced Search’ tab.

Can I share lightboxes with my colleagues?

You can send lightboxes to anyone with an email address. Bear in mind that they will not be able to edit a lightbox without registering.

How old is the company?

ConstructionPhotography was established in 2001 by very talented photographers (including a World Press award winning photographer) to provide an affordable independent alternative to long established multinational agencies. A full service agency with a down to earth, can-do attitude.

Do I need any additional rights to use an image?

Some images may require additional rights clearance for certain commercial uses. All images can be used editorially.  Please contact us to discuss clearance.