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Nicola Thompson - Director Communication and Marketing
We have been working with Construction Photography since 2000. Their services include photo assignments for our marketing needs, image management, digital services, scanning, retouching, cataloguing and keywording for our Image Library. The online library solution they provide has very quickly become an essential tool in the day-to-day running of our communication and marketing team. Our organisation saves time sourcing the relevant picture and avoids duplication of content while identifying gaps in the library. This in turn speeds up the overall process for the design of our extensive publications catalogue, speading corporate content to the Media and implementing our PR campaigns. Having found a photographic partner like Construction Photography means they have a good insight into our business and can approach each project with a creative advantage adding to the overall quality of the job, saving me time and money. They are an extremely efficient and reliable organisation and I would recommend them with no hesitation!
Peter Morgan - Communication Manager
The services you are providing to us are excellent, and creativity wise extremely good! You even managed to create in your studio winter images in the middle of August. We have been extremely pleased with all the iconic images of our workforce, following the brief from our design department, making our road workers looks like heroes and giving pride to the whole workforce. The quality of your images is fantastic as well as the Photo Library and online delivery system to the media. You always follow the brief, adding your creativity to the job. Thank you!
Paul Mallorie - Group Business Development Manager
The Murphy Group selected Construction Photography to provide an online workflow including ShootTracker, Editing Gallery, Press Gallery and Image Library solution, which will allow our image content to be made accessible throughout our organisation, the Press and to our Media & PR Agency. Construction Photography was chosen because of its controlled and secure feature, ease of use and sharp professional support services which improve dramatically our business efficiency, saving us time and a great deal of money!
Melanie Matthews - Head of PR
The Press photo delivery system has enabled us to provide images to the construction trade press quicker than ever before. The on-line Editing gallery facility is an efficient way of previewing all the photos taken with a view to making a selection for the Press delivery gallery. The speed and efficiency of the system has resulted in increased press coverage for our company, as the images are made available to the media in hours rather than days, ensuring that what we send them is up to the minute news.
Patrick Gulley - Media & Communications Director
We have been very impressed with the way that Construction Photography has managed our international project requirements; the quality of the photography is first class and the on-line editing gallery has proved a great success.
Ian Nash - Marketing Manager Corus International
Further to all of the hard work that has gone into producing our ComFlor® promotional video, I wanted to thank you for getting us through the experience! I found the process to be very interesting and rewarding and I am very pleased with the output. Working with your team on-site and on the interviews was very productive and ensured that we had plenty of solid footage to achieve the content we were after while maintaining the ‘look’ we wanted too. Likewise, the office-based editing, selecting and finishing process was both slick and a pleasure, despite the tight deadlines we had to work to, and it all came together perfectly in the end!
Sean Pang - Marketing and Planning Manager
Construction Photography is innovative, well organised, proactive and professional team of committed partners who understand the trade perfectly and are well poised to support the industry. The services they provide to our organisation are faultless and extremely good value in the long term.
Rhiannon Davies – Marketing Manager
In selecting photographers we assess them on a number of criteria including performance and value for money. Construction Photography has always delivered on both of these fronts and as a result are one of our preferred photographic suppliers.
Nick Ashley - Head of Group Internal Communication
Our American colleagues have conceded and accept that your image library solution is by far the best. From our perspective this can only be a win-win situation and I look forward to working in partnership with you.
Matthew Hopkinson – Director
Construction Photography is a professional and innovative company providing high quality, high volume architectural and property photography. Adaptive to the changing needs of our business, Jean-Francois and his team have delivered both the product and the service needed to pioneer a new division of our business (Focus), delivering via their web-based system thousands of digital images every month.
Peter Goddin - Managing Director
The amount of effort and organisation that went into the planning of Exercise Orpheus was enourmous and well beyond the bounds of anything we have ever undertaken. However, this all proved well worth the effort. I would personally like to express my very sincere thanks and congratulations to you and your staff's contribution that led to the successful outcome of Exercise Orpehus.
Mark Lench - Marketing
We needed a way of making our demolition images more immediately available to journalists and the construction media. Construction Photography provided the perfect solution – an on-line press gallery that allows high quality images to be easily accessed and downloaded. The gallery displays a range of current projects together with associated captions and news releases. On the day of the gallery’s launch one of our projects was immediately featured in Construction News! We are delighted with Construction Photography’s exemplary customer service and their continuing interest in our projects.
Siobhan Moriarty - Marketing
Mace has worked with Construction Photography since February 2001, on a number of photography projects for clients such as, Cannons Health and Fitness, Holmes Place, Stansted Airport, Benchmark Group and Crosby Homes. We have found Construction Photography to be highly co-operative and proficient in undertaking these projects, often with little direction or supervision. They have assisted us both at short notice and in complex situations. We have been impressed by their ability to complete projects to tight deadlines and their professional attitude and as such would not hesitate in recommending them.
Michelle Ivemy - Corporate Communications Manager
I am writing to congratulate you on the quality of the photographs that you have recently taken of our road, rail and building projects. I appreciate your understanding of our deadlines and completing the projects in the very tight time frames provided. Given the quality of the photography, we will be able to use them for a variety of material and will continue to use your services in the future.
Gemma Alderman - Account Executive
We have worked with you on a number of projects and we have always been really pleased with the outcome of your photography. Your response to our briefs is great, and you are fun, friendly and professional to deal with. We would have no reservations in using you again!
Peter Groutage - enVIS Project manager
I saw the edition of the promotional DVD today and was highly impressed - well done! The film edit with the inclusion of the voice-over and also some key words slotted in, particularly sustainable development means that we have a very clear picture of just how EnVIS will help us manage our road network environment and influence our operational activities. All-in-all this will be a marvellous communication tool that will help us roll-out our system and motivate our stakeholders. Once again well done and thank you!
Marlow Roberts - Business Development Manager
I am thoroughly impressed by the creativity of your images, these are gorgeous. The digital post-production on the images is fantastic. Thank you for the effort and dedication of your photographers. That’s what I call value for money!
Tom Marshall-Andrews - Director
The level of service you have delivered has been outstanding. Thank you for making things happens on time and on budget. The photographs you supplied are brilliant! We will have no hesitation in recommending your company and services in the future. All the team is looking forward to this ongoing and successful relationship.
Grant Prior - News Editor - Construction News
It's a real bonus for me being able to download quality pictures so quickly and easily via the website's searchable library.
Major Charles Gray - The Royal Engineers
For documenting our operations and initiatives in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, Construction Photography was an automatic selection on all counts. Their skills, professionalism and knowledge impressed all the selectors. I cannot recommend Jean-Francois or his company highly enough. Added to this, his whole approach, manner and method made working with them a pleasure.
Robbie Cousins - Editor Irish Construction Industry Magazine
There is a great choice of alternative images available on Construction Photography. This is very important to us as a result of broad range of topics covered in Irish Construction Industry Magazine. The search engine makes the job of sourcing images very easy because of the keyword suggestions it makes on each search carried out. Overall we can rely on the website to have a solution for most photography needs we might have
Gabby Harrington - Picture - Editor BBC Good Homes
I always find what I am looking for on the Construction Photography website and the download facility is great, it enables me to get what I am after straight away - even after office hours, their rates are competitive too.
Christine Wood - Editor Building Design & Construction
Construction Photography is the market leader for Built Environment images. They provide us with the best selection of stock images we need for our magazines. The search and download facility for Press Account users is very simple and fast. The website is always updated so we always find fresh images of really high quality at cost-effective price, saving us a great deal of time and money!