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About Us

Construction Photography was established in 2001 by talented photographers (with accolades such as a World Press award) to provide an affordable and independent alternative to established multinational agencies. A new full service agency with a down to earth, can-do attitude was born.

We wanted to create a 'one-stop shop' to the built environment industry, using innovative technology to deliver creative content with a secure streamlined online Workflow. Whether you need photo assignments or video production, stock imagery, prints or a powerful - yet accessible - software to manage your media content on the web (photos, videos, PowerPoint, CGI etc, Office and Adobe document). This can be implemented as a corporate administrative tool or a publicly accessible sales e-commerce solution.   We take pride with a reputation for quality as Reuters,  as forward thinking as Corbis or Getty Images, but with a real in-depth knowledge of your industry and a boutique personable approach to our services.

The result has been outstanding and grown quickly without forgetting our history. For the first time the Industry could rely on a trusted specialist both in imaging and the processes surrounding it.  Our clients benefit from our strong nationwide roster of talented artists and global reach in over 35 countries. We offer clear communication protocols and  ground-breaking online services to store, manage and deliver these images - still or video - in a fast, cost effective and easy way. The entire process is managed securely from a central location 24/7 with our highly-skilled, dedicated team protecting our clients' interests in a transparent collaborative approach with careful risk management. We develop in-house and constantly adapt and improve our software based on the real needs of our library, its users and clients. 

Construction Photography is still growing fast. We are constantly innovating and have flourished to become the World's largest independent photography services provider specialising in the built environment, managing 170 photographers and video crews and processing over 2 million images across all its services and clients.